I probably enjoy my custom shirts more than anything I purchase.  I have never been disappointed with anything Greg has provided for me.  I tried a couple of other places, but I like your firm the best!

– Larry R. Mathews

For the past ten year or so, Greg Brown has handled literally all of my business attire.  Greg’s clothing line has been superior in every way and at what I consider a very reasonable price.  But more importantly, at least to me, Greg’s personal service is second to none.  He understands what it means to be in a service business.

– Paul Casey

Simply put, Greg is like NOTHING I have ever experienced in men’s clothing…the knowledge, the selection, the customization, the value. Describing Greg to a friend, I have said, “I was once blind, but now I see.”  Do yourself a favor.  Run!  Don’t walk to Brogue & Cuff.  You’ll thank me.  No question about it.

– Jeff Roberts

What I enjoy most about Greg’s services is knowing that I can rely on his expertise in fit, fabric and style.  Greg has made my life so much easier by coordinating both my professional and business casual wardrobes.

– Robert M. Dixon, Jr.

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